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The pages of the site contain photos of fast cars, tuned engines, technics, events and a Forum.
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The following pages contain information about Mitsubishi Turbo Club Netherlands.

The club was founded by and for Mitsubishi turbo fans and became a club for all drivers of a fast car.

You'll find beautiful pictures of cars, pictures of parts we use, where we get our parts from and so on.

You can also track the course of several tuning projects!

There is a beautiful white Lancer Evo for sale:
- at Van den Heuvel Autosport in Barneveld: Van den Heuvel Autosport
(See also the Forum of this site for some pictures.)

To be expected:
- Old photos of Club Days, more cars and technology behind the horsepower

Updates (05-04-2018)
- New engine for the Evo8 ;-)
The engine is in the Mitsubishi Evolution 8!
See further the developments on the Motor Tuning pages of the Evo 8.
The 2 turbos are installed in the engine compartment of Lamborghini Galladro.
A Ford Escort with an Evo engine? At Van de Heuvel it is possible!
As a base an Evo chassis, engine and drive train; the Escort body is extended and there is the Ford Escort Evo.
The tuning of the Starion is done, making the engine so be ready!
Click Engine Tuning Starion to read more about it.
The engine is ready andis already in the Starion!

But we are still not there yet, see further . . .
The project is almost finished!
Joshma has opted for a solution from one coil per cilynder: to tune even better and you can get so many more out of the engine.

Click on the image to see and hear the engine running.
The sond of the engine inside is great: what a pit and speed!

Click on the photo for a movie.
Of the week (NOT) purchased a built Evo engine with 550 hp and 700 Nm of torque on E85 fuel!

The purchase does not go through. . . Too bad!

For additional info and photos: LancerEvoCrossMotor.

Joshma decided to build their own on a motorcycle.
The Starion's ready !! He now faces at our house.

See for Projecten, Starion restoration project of the red to the blue Starion Hannah; you see it right: he is now blue with a very
little purple.

He's made entirely bald, made tight and sprayed again.
The rims are made new again by

I did not think the wheels could be made better
than new condition. . .
The new Mitsubishi Sapporo introduced
from Frankfurt an der Oder on the Polish border,
is a Toyota Supra engine, the 2JZ GTE vvti.

These Sapporo is replacing the brown Sapporo I have in my possession since 1992.
Brown is pretty rusty, but this gray has no speck of rust!
You can see that the motor fits here just in the engine compartment.

See further tune motor for the rest of the construction of the car.
The engine comes from the car to the right, a Toyota Supra MK IV .
All these older cars are nice but they are not always practical, so for everyday and family transportation, but still bought an Evo.
A Mitsubishi Evolution 8 in this case because it does not look like a standard Evo and because he has some more horsepower than the standard Evo ;-).
The souped 2 liter (still) standard turbo but
allerlei with extras !

I have a couple of weeks bought back a 2.3 liter Stroker engine,
complete with racing pistons, etc., so that comes in the Evo.

But yes, first have to finish the Sapporo with Supra engine.

Last post: the seller wants to keep the engine itself anyway. . . Go with Joshma yourself build an engine; here we go to start after the holidays.
You can find on the site beautiful pictures of cars, pictures of parts we use, where we get our parts zoal from.

You can also track the course of various projects cars: restoration projects but also tuning projects!

You can consult us Forum itself and post new messages and respond to messages.
We do not hold club events anymore, but I'm with Joshma Pfeiffer and Erwin Dierickx working on the cars a lot faster
and more reliable, please refer to the menu item "Projects".

Old member Marck Harteveld restores occasionally our cars and also does to Drag Racing.

In short, enough to occasionally visit our pages!

The site is updated occasionally, which you can see above in the date.

Many pezier on the site!

This should certainly different: sorted alpha numerically. . . . . . . .
Right car from Joshma Pfeiffer working on my Sapporo (s), Starion and Evo;
This is a Toyota MR2, heavy getuned.r
Marck Harteveld is now completely switched from Mitsubishi
Starion to American Muscle cars and especially drag racing .r
Erwin Dierickx focuses on improving Japanese
cars and especially the Mitsubishi's. See improving his (deceased ...) Mitsubishi Evolution 3.

The 400 hp Mitsubishi Sapporo , the first turbo Sapporo I

I have the car to do away, unfortunately. . . Too much rust on vital spots.
Base: 2.6 liters from the Starion; almost everything has changed .