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Words are not enough . . .
Update 05-04-2017
The car is ready and how: 353 hp at 5000 rpm and 535 Nm at 4500 rpm torque!

At the end of the year another camshaft (70 hp more) and boost pressure can make up 500 horsepower is possible!
The Race cam shafts that I have is buffed metal; I should just have a camshaft that has more material so that the valve remains open longer. In practice, raising the valve with lash caps are not good for the valves and the camshaft.

Tuning is been done by DP engineering.
Newly added components:
- Wiseco pistons WK555M925, 92.5 mm 0.09 mm SP
- Pauter connecting rods (see below)
- Bosch 7 057 Wideband oxygen sensor LSU 4.2
- Delphi injectors, high impedance
- NKG spark BPR9ES
Update 18-03-2017
Joshma made a new exhaust manifold! Stainless steel alloy 316ti. The wall thickness is 3mm, it was a difficult job but it looks nice and strong! This must be able to handle the forces from the new build engine, I expect.
Update January 6, 2017
Now the exhaust manifold broke down: yes, beautiful stainless steel eBay USA (see below). . .

See the 3 photos and the Starion movie when tuning company DP Engineering .
Update in early January 2017
The engine is now ready and available for further tuning.
New fitted:
- Oversize Wiseco pistons;
- Oversize intake and exhaust valves;
- And thus the connecting rods and Pauter
- Of course all new bolts, gaskets, washers, etc.

(However, I heard the beautiful eBay manifold was torn in several places...) So there should be a new one in its place.
The engine made strange noises and the camshaft was out of order with respect to the valves. . . The strange sounds came from bearings were broken.

But now everything is back in order and provide stronger connecting rods!
Update August 2016
To be sure we get ordered the engine apart so here new components:
- New gasket;
- All kinds of gaskets;
- Studs and nuts (Bolts and Studs);
- New connecting rods for more than 200 hp per connecting rod, 800 hp is theoretically feasible. . .
Update July 2016
EMS CPU appears to react too slowly; has now put in a VEMS computer and the results are instantly better! Only leaks' ie with the manifold and the engine is running worse after a minute. . .
Update April 2016
The engine is running! On to the tuner.
Click on the thumbnails to view the videos:
Update February 2016
Before the Evo now begin the first is the # # Starion turn. The 350 hp engine from the brown Sapporo is in it;-)!
Now the rest:
- Ordered another intercooler because the Skyline intercooler does not fit the Sapporo;
- Adjust outlet;
- Replace wiring;
- Tune and
the fastest Starion of Netherlands is a fact!
So that engine is inside. Now tackle the intercooler: inlet and outlet pipes and then change the Starion.Add the deflector so that the air is led directly to the intercooler.