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February 2017
See parts of the appraisal report at the bottom of this page; the value is (again) become more than the original purchase price!

August 2013
My Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 is an imported US Evo. In the US, the car made as it is today. The previous owner, there has been only very economical, and now has an Audi A3 Sport.
My new gain since July 2013, a Lancer Evo 8 with 339 horsepower.
With the additional options: 20-inch wheels; many carbon parts including the front spoiler and rear spoiler; RalleyArt decals; 3 inch exhaust with special silencer; Recaro seats ralley Apexi boost system; etc.
A typical Evo engine that can be boosted to 400 hp; special exhaust manifold; Improved air intake Apexi; Better inlets with Samco hoses; etc.
And also share different carbon here again.
For the insurance I had again to do a valuation so I do not get the current value in case of damage, total loss or theft but the appraised value. Three years ago, the appraised value was € 20,000; But now, three years later, its value has soared, see the following photos, taken by an appraiser of Frank Bolsenbroek and Partners .