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Dragraces Drachten in 2006
Marion Harteveld in her Dodge Coronet Superbee, specially made for the Street Machine Classe
Plymouth Raodrunner (Runner Hemi) Marck Harteveld, the car is so fast that he was the last of the class: too fast! What do you expect with 1116 horsepower. . .

Marck are now in the Super Comp class, where he really best to do!

It looks pico bello out, you can not say of many participants.
The car Monica van der Maden, a Plymouth Duster, just before the race sprayed by Marck.
She rides against Mike Hagelaars in a Chevrolet 210.
A beautiful Dodge Polara, I see him often drive in Utrecht, only I know nothing of. . .
Cool low humming!
That his or her shrunken trophy?
A few nice Dodge Chargers one from 1969 and one from 1968, see also the official Dutch Chargers site .
The left is Marck Harteveld, the seeds for the drag racing down from that point.
Left, beautiful Chevrolet Camaro 1969 right a very rare Plymouth Barracuda, I bet 1971.
What is that, a Volkswagen who dares between the V8-violence ??

Robert Boy joins a VW 1300. He has a Subaru engine spooned into the car.
Subaru engine with 8 injectors and you see everything is adapted to the "appropriate". A thick Garrett T04 does the job.
The funny cars with thick blowers are hit from the class Pro Modified. Behind the yellow "Jim Oddy" Chevrolet Corvette C5 Robert Joosten you just Marc Meihuizen in his Chevrolet Business Coupe.
Unfortunately, it is for us over. . .

Up to 18, 19 and 20 August!